Friends of Festival

Almaši Lorena

Exibition: Friend of Vrsar Art Fest

Lorena Almaši was born in 1994. in Zagreb. Student of 4th year BA, Graphic Arts department in the class of Robert Šimrak at the Academy of Fine Arts. Lives and works in Zagreb.

Exhibitions and other activities: through education, Lorena participated in group exhibitions organized by school and academy and in other initiatives. She also won two awards.

Milaković Zlatko

Fine Artist Section

His art pursues many different topics, but preference is given to the woman and her beauty, in the world of silence and harmony. Milakovic’s work is on the border within realism and hyperrealism. If he works with oil on canvas, on one painting, he works for around months. It is hard to come by to his paintings in the European galleries. The reason is simple. He works on one painting for a long time and after exposure in the gallery, the painting quickly founds a buyer.

Milakovic taught sculpture in Zagreb (Croatia, Center for Contemporary Art) and painting in studios of several world-renowned artists-teachers.

Zlatko Milakovic has been living in a very dynamic way. In his youth, he was a top athlete (javelin thrower, champion), later manager of the famous banking group, insurance company, the national association of business managers, etc. By the age of 18, he has moved with his family and has been living in nine different cities in 4 different countries. He has a Master’s Degree in Political Science and has been additionally trained by programs of world-renowned business schools.

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